Unique Accommodations to Consider for Your Next Holiday

Before you make another hotel reservation for your next holiday, you might want to consider some choices you have for more unique accommodations. No matter your plans for traveling and no matter your preferences for where you stay, you're sure to find something that will fit your tastes and those of your family. Note a few suggestions and ideas for unique accommodation options you might consider.

1. Glamping

Glamping is a term used to describe glamorous camping, or staying outdoors but with some creature comforts that are often missing with typical camping. Glamping accommodations usually include large tents with wood floors, full-size beds rather than cots, and electricity that runs to the tent so you can have overhead lights, a small refrigerator, and other such choices. Because you're staying in a tent, you get the feeling of camping but also the luxury of staying in a space that's more comfortable than sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag.

2. Tree houses

If you love the forest and the feeling of being surrounded by trees, why not stay in a tree house for your next vacation? There are many resorts that have tree houses built with electricity, running water, and everything else you might need for an enjoyable vacation. Typically, you walk across a small wood bridge to get to your tree house and they may vary as to size and distance from the ground, but they can be built in the middle of the woods or near the edge of the woods so you're either surrounded by trees or get a full view of the sunset or sunrise every day.

3. Houseboats

If you love the water, you don't need to leave it when on vacation when you rent a houseboat. A houseboat will have everything you need to stay on the water for weeks if not days, including running water, a bathroom, and even electricity provided by a battery or generator. Depending on the size of the houseboat, it might accommodate a couple or it may be good for an entire group of travelers, and you may need to dock for service and supplies every few days or just every week or so. A houseboat is a good choice when you want to fish day and night or find a quiet spot on the water and put down an anchor for the night, rather than bringing all your fishing gear and tackle with you to a nearby hotel every night and then bringing it back the next day.