Property Sales | 4 Golden Tips To Make Your Property Attractive For Selling When You Have Kids

Kids bring a lot of joy to the lives of parents, but they can also bring a great deal of stress when you're trying to sell your home. The thought of selling a home with crayon-laden walls, scratched floors and chipped doorframes may be enough to worry you. This property sales guide is designed to help you make your home attractive for potential homebuyers when you have kids around.

Sharpen The Appearance Of Your Home's Walls With Coats Of Paint

Nothing looks shabbier than fading or discoloured paint. When you have kids, chances of crayon or pencil marks on walls are high, so you should ideally give your walls a fresh coat of paint if you're looking to attract potential homebuyers during property sales. Choose neutral colours because they tend to resonate better with homebuyers, so you'll want to stick to whites, beiges, creams, ivories and off-whites for your walls. A coat of paint will go a long way in creating a refurbished look for your home.

Fix Visible Signs Of Damage Across All Areas

Visible signs of damage like chipped doorframes, cracked doors and scratched floors should all be fixed before you undertake any home inspections during property sales. While these are inevitable with kids around, potential buyers will ideally look for homes in proper condition when making the decision to invest. If your home looks damaged or timeworn, you'll likely lose out on good offers or you will need to significantly lower your home' sales price. While repair work is an investment, a few hundred dollars is well worth the expense when you are able to push up your selling price by thousands.

Relocate Your Children Temporarily During Home Inspections

When you're trying to make a sale, the last thing you'll want is your children running around the house during home inspections. This could put off several potential homebuyers and you may end up losing out on some great home offers. A good idea will be to leave your small children with friends and family, so that you can easily display your property to potential homebuyers.

Remove Carpet Stains

Children inevitably spill food and drinks on carpets, so you should ideally get your carpets thoroughly cleaned before undertaking a home inspection during property sales. You can either clean your carpet on your own or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Either way, this small expense is well worth it when you consider the higher selling price you can command for your home.

Use these golden tips during property sales for making your home more attractive when you have kids around. For more help, contact companies like Donley Real Estate.