Why Having a Clean Parking Lot is Important for Your Business

Your company's parking lot tells a lot about your business's image and values. Although, the parking lot is a spot that's normally overlooked, having it free of stains will make a great difference in your company's results at the end of the month.

First impressions count

If your marketing strategy is focused on improving customer service, as well as letting clients know about your company, but it forgets completely about parking lot cleanliness, something isn't right. A parking lot full of debris can make or break a business-client relationship even before it starts. Clients will have to go through your parking lot long before they even reach the building's entrance. If they see that your parking lot doesn't meet their minimum hygiene requirements, they may hesitate about going inside and will shop somewhere else.

Save money in the long run

Pavement repairs are very costly. Without the use of power-washing and sweeping your parking lot regularly, cracks and other anomalies will start to appear. Although, the average lifespan of pavement is 25 years, without proper maintenance, it can lose up to 90% of its physical integrity in the first 10 years. Thus, by proper cleaning you can actually save money in the long-term.

The good thing about having a clean parking lot is that clients and people in general will be less likely to litter according to a scientific study. Humans tend to follow other people's behavior subconsciously. With less litter, then cleaning sessions will also be less frequent and you will end up spending less money in commercial cleaning services.

Avoid legal hassles

Having debris in the floor has been a cause of injury for many people. If that specific debris is in your property, then you may be liable for the damage caused. Personal injury accidents as well as vehicle and tire damage can be easily avoided if your parking lot remains clean most of the time. Customers who may be affected in this respect may not come back and will speak negatively about your business with their peers.

Protect the environment

A dirty parking lot can cause a lot of damage to the ecosystem. First of all, rodents may acquire infectious diseases when they eat garbage. Unhealthy animals may also provoke diseases in humans if they bite them. Pollution is minimized by having a clean parking lot. Garbage won't flow and end up as stormwater runoff. Drinkable Water won't become poisoned.

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