How to Manage Your Stress While Moving

If you are planning on moving house in the near future, now is the time to start planning. Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences you have in your life, but there are ways to reduce that stress if you plan ahead. Here are some tips for managing your stress before and during the move.

Plan Sooner Than Necessary

It is never too soon to start planning, sorting, organizing, and packing. The sooner you begin making preparations for the move, the more you will get done, and the less overall stress you experience. Just because you can pack up your entire house in a week doesn't mean you should. It is good to start sorting and packing areas of the house with items you know you won't use in the next few months, such as getting items in the attic and basement sorted, and going through boxes in the garage. This gives you a chance to get rid of what you don't want, make a list of items going into storage, and knowing what you are actually bringing with you.

Reduce Clutter As Much As Possible

Having a lot of clutter around you when you're trying to sort out your move can also cause a lot of stress. Begin reducing the clutter by taking items to storage now that you aren't bringing with you on the move. If you found a handful of boxes in your attic that has holiday decorations you won't use for another six months, have someone help you bring those boxes to the storage facility now. You won't have to worry about them when the moving date gets closer. Also start downsizing as much as you can by donating or selling items you don't necessarily need.

Have a Goodbye Party

If part of your stress is coming from having to leave your family home and possibly move far away from friends and family, take time to have a party before you leave. This gives you the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to your house and your loved ones. Have a party in your house so you can fully enjoy it one last time with everyone you love. Invite neighbours, friends, and family over. Talk about the good times you had in the house and give yourself time to grieve over leaving a home you may have lived in for a long time.

Hire Professional Movers

It can be a huge stress relief when you know you have a professional moving company helping you out. The removalists will move all furniture and boxes for you, so all you need to do is pack and unpack your belongings. You can even take it one step further by getting full-service movers, who will disassemble furniture and pack boxes for you.