Security Screens | 4 Considerations Before Installing Security Screens For Your Windows

Security screens are excellent for protecting your home from bugs, insects and even burglars, so you'll naturally want to make the right choices for your home. You'll particularly love the fact that you can open your windows for fresh air without fear of anything untoward happening. This guide aims to help you consider certain factors when installing security window screens for your home.

Establish Your Frame Preference

The frames of security screens can be made from either steel or aluminium. While aluminium gets less corroded than steel, many stainless steel frames today are treated with high-grade powder coats and hot-dip galvanisation to ensure they don't rust for years. This is especially important if you live near the sea or in areas prone to high winds. Keep in mind that airborne bacteria, dirt and dust can build up on the frame surface of both steel and aluminium, so regular cleaning is necessary to retain their original appearance.

Make Sure Your Locks Are Secure

Key locks should be strong and resilient to protect your security screens from being pried open. Keep in mind that wafer locks tend to be vulnerable, so you'll want hydraulic press or hook locks to prevent the bottom and top of the security screen from being wrenched by a burglar. Some companies even have patented lock systems with long-term warranties. Be sure to look out for a locking system with a warranty for added window protection in your home.

Choose The Inner Screen Material

The inner screen material can be made from decorative steel motifs, stainless steel mesh, perforated aluminium sheets or aluminium grilles based on your personal preferences and existing interior design. Steel motifs and aluminium grilles offer good security, while stainless steel mesh and aluminium perforated sheets offer both security and uninterrupted views.

Determine A Window Screen Colour

Stainless steel or aluminium security screens can be finished to a variety of colours, so you can choose something that resonates best with your interior finish. For example, if you have neutral décor in your home, then you can choose between earthen colours like grey, birch, beige, mahogany and brown. If you want a classic window appearance, your best bet is to choose between black and white. The best part of security screens is the fact that you can choose between different finishes based on your personal preference and interior décor.

Once you have considered all these factors, you're now in a position to install the right security screens for your home. Contact a company like Bonds Security Products to find out more about the best security screens for you.