Office Cleaning | 3 Winning Tricks To Negotiate A Better Rate With Your Office Cleaners

Clean offices are vital when it comes to creating an enabling environment for a productive workforce, so you obviously want to do everything in your power to ensure that your employees are constructive at work. But office cleaning can sometimes eat into your bottom line if you're not careful. If you're planning to hire an office cleaning company for your commercial premises, then this guide will help you negotiate a better rate with your office cleaners.

Offer An Ongoing Work Contract

Many office cleaning services charge for their services by the hour, while others offer ready packages for cleaning work. Some office cleaning companies may agree to reduce the price of cleaning if you decide to sign an ongoing work contract with them for multiple cleaning tasks over the course of a specified period. For instance, an annual contract may stipulate a quarterly cleaning schedule, which assures the office cleaners of ongoing business. With this assurance, they may be willing to keep their costs low. An ongoing work contract benefits both you and the office cleaners because they are guaranteed regular work, while you profit from a frequently clean office at an affordable price.

Offer Multiple References For Assurance Of More Work

Part of negotiating a better rate would be to offer multiple references to the office cleaning company. With the assurance of acquiring potential new clients, office cleaners may be willing to offer you a better price for the cleaning task. For instance, you probably have access to a couple of other offices in the commercial property, or perhaps you have other branches within the vicinity that could potentially also benefit from this office cleaning service. Either way, offering more references to the office cleaners could potentially fetch you a cheaper price for your cleaning needs.

Remove Unnecessary Cleaning Tasks

Many office cleaners offer full-scale cleaning packages that may include several items from carpet cleaning and computer cleaning to window washing and wall scrubbing. The truth is that you may not need the number of cleaning services stipulated in the package. A good idea for you would be to negotiate the final price based on only your requisite cleaning needs, while removing unnecessary tasks from the equation. For instance, you may not need window washing because the commercial property management handles it. Similarly, carpet cleaning may be redundant when your office flooring is tiled. These full-scale packages need to be broken down to accommodate only the services that you actually need. Once you remove the unnecessary cleaning tasks, you will be able to negotiate a lower rate.

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