Why a Business Owner Should Avoid Having Office Staff Manage the Cleaning

Owning a business means needing to decide what vendors and service providers you will work with continuously, and what services you can go without. It's often tempting to have your staff manage the general cleaning of your office in order to save on the cost of hiring professional cleaners, but this can be a mistake. Note why a business owner shouldn't consider their professional office cleaners as an area where they might cut expenses, and why relying on your staff to do this cleaning is probably not the best choice.

Damage to surfaces and floors

Did you know that not every surface should be cleaned with water? Wood floors may hold water spots when you use a damp mop on them, and wood furniture may get dry and brittle when cleaned with damp rags. Bleach is also not to be used on every surface; it too can damage wood as well as many types of stone tile and laminates. An office worker may not necessarily know what cleaners to use on what surfaces and may scratch those surfaces with scrub brushes, leave water stains behind, or cause them to even discolor because of using the wrong product. In turn, you may need to pay to have those surfaces properly cleaned and treated to restore them.

Damage to equipment

Along with not knowing what cleansers or tools to use on surfaces, office workers may also not know how to safely clean around certain equipment. If they try to remove dust from the back of a computer or printer with a wet rag, this might cause an electrical short that damages that equipment. Overloading a dishwasher can mean a water leak and having the water jet inside break. Trying to clean lights or ceiling fans with a broom or other such improper tool can result in actually pulling their wiring right out from the ceiling. A professional office cleaning company will know how to clean your office equipment properly without causing damage.

Nothing is neglected

If someone on your staff needs to take time out of their day to clean, they can then be neglecting your customers and clients, their paperwork, and other such necessary jobs. If they need to neglect the office cleaning in order to meet deadlines or answer phones, your office can then be dirty and unkempt. By having an outside company come into your office as often as necessary, your business is not neglected and the appearance of the office is always pristine as well.